The perceptions of gratitude by school-age children and its relationship with their self-concept

  • Georgios Michailidis
Keywords: Gratitude, positive psychology, self-concept


The purpose of the present study is to examine the relationship between elementary school students’ perceptions of gratitude and their self-concept. The study involved 1931 students aged 10-12 years old (mean age=11,53 years, SD=0,5 Years) from all over Greece. To assess children’s perceptions of gratitude and self-perception, “The Gratitude Questionnaire – 6” and the “Questionnaire of self-perception” were used respectively. Based on the results of this study, perceived gratitude contributes positively to all three dimensions of children’s self-concept: their academic abilities, interpersonal relationships and emotional stability. These findings are in line with previous studies conducted in adolescents, highlighting the important role of gratitude in children’s lives.
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