Clinical neuropsychological assessment of occasional user of synthetic drugs

  • Antonis Theofilidis
Keywords: Neurocognitive assessment, G-hydroxybutyrate, substance use


Drug use in Europe has remained stable in recent years. Although substances such as cocaine, heroin, and especially cannabis are the most popular substances among users, new synthetic substances are a growing problem (in 2008 alone, 24 new substances were identified). Many of the synthetic substances used by users today are derived from medicinal products, including G-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) which is of interest because it is associated with a wide range of neurosocial impairment effects. The purpose of this study is to show cognitive deficits in a patient with a history of GHB use. The case of a 26-year-old man who was examined interconnectedly by the addiction service of the DG psychiatric clinic of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, during his treatment at the pathology clinic of the general hospital AHEPA is presented.
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