Post – traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in patients with Covid 19

  • Antonis Theofilidis
  • Aikaterini Katsiana
  • Dimitrios Tsiamitros
Keywords: mental health, Covid19 pandemic, Post-traumatic stress


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) refers to situations in which traumatic experiences are caused by a person being exposed to emergencies outside of their daily life and which cause discomfort or despair to the people who experience them. The events that cause PTSD can be acts of violence, crime, natural disasters and intense phenomena which cause feelings of intense physical agitation, discomfort, despair, fear combined with feelings of helplessness and inability to react. The purpose of this study was to investigate possible mental disorders and mainly post-traumatic stress in patients who contracted Covid19 during the 2020 pandemic and were hospitalized in a Greek hospital - outside the intensive care unit - and their comparative evaluation with those who were admitted. quarantine without the onset of severe symptoms covid19. The study involved 348 adults from Greece, namely 166 patients who were discharged after hospitalization in a pandemic reference hospital, and 182 asymptomatic and unpatrolled individuals who were quarantined in a familiar environment during the event. pandemic. People who were hospitalized due to covid19 symptoms, the period after their discharge were presented depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms. Patients who were placed in compulsory quarantine did not show similar symptoms. The nature and characteristics of covid 19 disease as well as simple hospitalization seem to create, among other things, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression that manifest and follow patients in the time period after their discharge. Symptoms of depression and feelings of intense anger also were appeared. The results show a part of the disorders and psychopathology of patients with covid19 after their treatment. These mental disorders seem to be related to the specific conditions of the pandemic disease, its extent, intensity, as well as its characteristics such as social isolation, mortality and contagion. The investigation as well as the timely and appropriate treatment of the context of mental disorders - especially post-traumatic stress and depression - should receive special attention and be the subject of broader research over time.
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