The Effectiveness of ''EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques'' in People with Phobias

  • Athina Xanthou
Keywords: EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques, Phobias, personal experience, Interpretation Phenomenological Analysis


This research is a qualitative study that investigates the experience, symptoms and difficulties faced by people with phobias and the effectiveness of EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques as a treatment method. Seven people who received an EFT session for their phobia participated in this survey. For the participants’ interviews, the researcher used a semi-structured interview guide and the Interpretation Phenomenological Analysis method to process the data. The results showed that EFT is a significant and effective treatment and self-assistance method, with a range of effects, possibly associated with a variety of factors. Specifically and practically, three people reported complete and immediate treatment, others mentioned improvement to varying degrees, while one did not comment. This research study aims to contribute to the bibliographic deficit on qualitative research concerning the EFT method. The findings could have significant expansions related to the individualized enhancement and application of EFT as a therapeutic method.

General article