The intentional system: tracing the conative feature of aboutness and directedness in human brain

  • Orestis Giotakos
Keywords: intentionality, intentional system, conatus, naturalizing intentionality, aboutness, directedness, neurophenomenology


Can we conceptualize an intentional system, as a higher order system, with a monitoring and regulatory role in brain and behavior? Is there a common conceptual ground for both intentionality and conatus? Are aboutness and directedness, two distinct intentional/conative elements? Moreover, do these two complementary elements represent interacting and complementary functions into the brain? This paper provides an overview of possible pathways of that intentional system in the brain, following the conceptual and neurobiological traces of aboutness and directedness. Also, it proposed a common conceptual and neurophysiological ground for both intentionality and conatus, through the study of the complementary and interacting functions of aboutness and directedness. Clarifying the associations between them will help us to better understand the brain-mind interactions, as well as our extension and interaction with the world.
General article