The impact of Dr Barry Sears’ diet on employee stress: a preliminary study

  • E. Gkiolia
  • P. Darvyri
  • A. Ktenidis
  • F. Ntalianis
  • A. Smirniotou
Keywords: Dr Sears’diet, work stress, occupational stress, nutrition


Work stress can lead to health and performance problems for employees who are unable to cope with it. The main objective of this study was to investigate whether Dr Sears’ diet affects employees’ stress. Data was collected from a sample of 100 employees who were employed by different companies in the broader area of Attica, once a week for a period of three weeks. Of those who participated in the study 56% were male. The results showed that Dr Sears’diet had a beneficial effect on participants’ stress levels, which decreased from the first week of implementation and continued to decline during the second and third week. Future research should focus on long-term effects of this diet on employee behavior related to motivation and performance, to deepen our understanding of the significant role of nutrition at work.
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