The Sexual Education of Children with Ιintellectual Disability

  • Nikos Αpteslis
Keywords: Intellectual disabilities, Parents, Sexual Rights, Sexual Education


The main objective of this research was to investigate the views of parents of children with and without intellectual disabilities in the sexual education of young people with intellectual disabilities. Our survey included 306 parents of children without intellectual disabilities and 304 parents of children with intellectual disabilities. Their views were investigated using a questionnaire created for research purposes based on Greek and international bibliography. The analysis of the data showed that the parents of both groups agree that the sexual education of all young people with and without intellectual disabilities is necessary and will offer the quality of life of the families that raise people with intellectual disabilities. They also think they have the skills and it's their responsibility to talk first of themselves about sex education to their children. They agree that sex education will offer a lot of respect for the human rights of disabled young people and they feel they should enjoy the same rights as their peers without disabilities.

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