The relation between phonological perception and production and vocabulary development in Specific Language Impairment

  • Aikaterini Doulou
Keywords: phonology, lexical skills, vocabulary, language impairment, phonetic development, specific learning difficulties


The present study is an investigation of the phonology and the lexical development of a child with Specific Language Impairment (SLI). The participants of the study were one child with SLI, one child of the same chronological age as the child with SLI (CA child) and finally one typically developing child of younger age (LD child). These children were evaluated with regard to their phonological and lexical skills with the use of three different types of tests: The Athina test diagnosis of learning difficulties , the Assessment of phonetic and phonological development and the Diagnostic Verbal IQ test. The results of the study show that the child with SLI as well as the L(D) child, presented the most phonological and lexical deficits. Moreover there is relation between the phonology and vocabulary development of the child with SLI and the L(D) child, a fact that is also reported in the relevant literature.

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