Exploring the views of primary school teachers on the inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorder in the school context

  • Sofia Saripanidou
  • Nikolaos Apteslis
Keywords: inclusion, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Teacher Perspectives, General School Framework


With the increasing appearance and diagnosis of students with Autism on the world map, as well as the inclusion of students in the general school context, it is necessary to study and identify the views of teachers serving General Education, regarding whether they are friendly with this inclusion. Today, more and more students with Autism Spectrum Disorder are attending General Schools, among typically developing students. Teachers’ views on the inclusion of these students significantly affect the success and effectiveness of this practice. This research was carried out in order to identify the positions of teachers through a questionnaire of four branches, which were called to complete. The results show the current climate in General Education for inclusion and indicate the need for training on Autism Spectrum Disorder in all education providers, so that we can receive more positive feedback on inclusion.

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